The late Venerable Khamfan former Vice Sangkha Raja of Laos

A Brief history of Wat Tepbandol Temple

Wat Thepbandol is a non-profit organization established 1991 by Lao Buddhist fellowship in Montreal and cities around Montreal. It has been incorporated under the name of Lao Buddhist Community Center and Cultural (Centre Communautaire et Culturelle Bouddhique Lao) , and registered with revenue Canada and Revenue Quebec as a charitable organization in 1993. The name "Wat Thepbandol" was given by Venerable Khamfan Tissavangso former Vice Lao Sangkga Raja while he was living at Wat Yanawa, Bangkok, Thailand.

The increasing of the need and desire to have Wat of their own, Lao Buddhist fellowship in these area.At the beginning Wat Thehepbandol had rented apartment to be used as temporary residence for monks and be used for cerimony at 25th Street in Montreal, until 1994 the committee realized the place was too small plus the members has been increased every year, and needed more spaces. Therefore the general assembly was called and held in Montreal. The committee had decided to acquire a piece of land with intension to build Wat permanently, and was able to find piece of land with the dimension of 260,00 square meters with 2 houses at 3319, Route 346, Sainte-Julienne, which is located at north of Montreal metropolitan about 45 kilometers from Montreal.Complete deed of sale and officially signed on September 8, 1994 before notary ofice at city of St-Jacques

Wat Thepbandol officially relocated at the new premises on January 28, 1995; Wat Thepbandol later name Watpa Thepabndol, this temple is still and always need your support, donation and everyone is welcome.